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Right Time, Right Choice!

Steve's goals are simple to understand: to improve police and fire protection services; to continue efforts to insure an open City government; continued repair of our streets and infrastructure; to create new jobs that will develop a strong economy; to stop government waste; and to restore confidence in the strong mayor form of government. Steve is committed to job growth and to increased economic development.

"We must increase City Revenues to provide better services, but not through tax increases."

"The Spokane River and Spokane Aquifer must be protected. Our lives and our economic future depend on both!"

"We must restore funds lost to our police and fire departments. Public safety is, and must be, our number one priority."

"Open government is a must. Too many closed door decisions in the past have cost citizens millions of dollars!"

A Lifetime of Service to Others

For the past 40 years, Steve Corker has been a resident of Spokane and has spent a total of 52 years in the Inland Northwest.

Re-elected to the Spokane City Council in 2007, Steve also served as a member of Spokane's City Council from 2000 through 2003. He served four years as a member and Secretary of the Spokane International Airport's Board of Directors; four years as a member of Spokane's Parks and Recreation Board; two years as a Director of the Spokane Regional Health District; and two years on the Board of the Council on Aging and Long-Term Care of Eastern Washington.

A graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Political Science, Steve brings 42 years of business and professional experience in the private sector to the City of Spokane. He has served as the President/CEO of four companies and has served his community as President or Chairman of the Board of 14 different non-profit organizations.

Two Washington State Governors and one Oregon State Governor have appointed Steve to important statewide committees - the Washington State Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse and the Governor's State Committee on Youth.

His public service experience has been highlighted by being named United Way's Washington State Volunteer of the Year in 1991; named KPBX Public Radio's Volunteer of the Year in 1998; and in 2000, he received the Exchange Club's Golden Deeds Award for lifetime service to this community. (Read more about Steve here)

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We need Steve Corkerís experience and leadership
now more than ever before!

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